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Building Extensions in 2 days by CS-Garden Offices.

Oct 29, 2017

Building Extension in 2 days By CS-Garden Offices.

Coldstreams unique modular panel system makes expanding your home a quick stress free process. In this post I am going to give you a step by step insight to the installation of this extension built in lee on solent (Fareham).


Step 1 (Floor Panels)

Coldstreams 75mm polyurethane insulated floor panels are extremely versatile meaning you do not need a perfectly flat & level base to achieve a level floor (although it is preferred). As you can see in the pictures below wherever needed we can use packing pieces to raise to a level using a spirit level. Each 1200mm floor panel looks together giving a watertight construction.

Step 2 (Fixing to the existing building)

Here you can really start to see the shell of the building coming together after being on site for under 3 hours! We fix a plastic channel to the existing building to accommodate all three sides  (2 walls & theceiling).  This process is continued until the garden room is a complete box.

Step 3 (Finishing Touches)

Once all of the panels have been installed all we have left is the ‘finishing touches’ this consists of 1. Making the roof watertight with a bead of silicone on each panel joint and then a layer of flash band over the top. 2. Roof reveal cappings to cover the 75mm polyurethane insulation as shown in below picture. 3. Silicone seal every panel joint again ensuring the water tight construction. 4. Overlay floor with a fresh layer of 6mm hardwood ply.

Step 4 (Finished)

Finally you have the finished Building extension installed in only 2days. All of our buildings are fully insulated. Require no maintenance & usually no planning permission. Best of all if in the future you want to expand further you can extend your building by adding on more panels! Call Ralph on 07979156783 for all enquiries or fill in our quick quote form for a free quotation within 24 hours.


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