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Garden Rooms

Our unique versatile fully insulated modular panel systems means our buildings can be used for many different uses from garden annexe’s to pool rooms! Take a look at some our recent projects completed for happy clients. ​

Garden Offices

When running a business from home, working in the kitchen or living room simply won’t do. You need a comfortable office environment in which you will feel focused, motivated and creative.

All of our buildings are fully insulated keeping you at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Here at CS-Garden Offices we know that time is valuable that why all of our buildings are maintenance free giving you more time to do what matters to you!

Play Rooms

Children are great! But have you noticed as soon as they arrive your home quickly seems smaller? With all the presents & toys they get spoilt with, It can be hard to find somewhere to put them all! ​
That’s why lots of our customers have been investing in garden play rooms. Not only solving there storage problems but also providing a warm & safe area for the children to use all year round. So whilst the kids are having fun in their new den Mum & Dad can enjoy some of the valuable ‘ME’ time. ​

Not only for Children ​

We are all kids at heart! Our high density insulated floor can bear the weight of a pool table so the mini bar wont be a problem!



Garden Workshops are the perfect way to give you the extra room needed to indulge into hobby’s or new projects. ​
Our high density polyurethane insulation integrated Wall, Ceiling & Floor panels mean you wont need to worry about any damp environments. ​
Keeping your life long tools rust free all year round. Unlike those pesky sheds! ​
The amazing insulation values will also keep you at a comfortable temperature whatever the weather. So if its woodworking, mechanics, pottery or even art we have the perfect solution for you!

Home Gym’s

There is nothing more convenient than having a gym in your own home. Most of the usual excuses are rendered invalid. “The gym is to far” or “I don’t have time” these do not apply to you anymore! 

A home gym is a worthy investment and saves you a lot of money in the long term. With gym membership fees averaging at £40 per month, over 10 years that’s 5K! 

And best of all you have complete privacy. Eliminating the distractions of the usual grunting or half naked people around you.