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Key Features!


Superior Insulation​

Our high density polyurethane insulation provides a comfortable environment all year round!

Our Insulation core boasts a superior U-value of 0.022! We are proud to be the most thermal efficient structure on the market saving you a ton on energy bills!​​


No Planning Permission​​

Here at CS-Garden Offices we have designed a unique structure within the required limitations meaning you very rarely require planning permission.  

Our structure is also classed as ‘portable’ as it can be installed within a single day & dismantled even faster!


Zero Maintenance​

We incorporate a range of life lasting materials providing a zero maintenance solution ensuring longevity. 

Our standard rooms are constructed using high density insulated roofs, floors & wall panels that are finished with a PVC coated galvanised steel surface in a choice of colours.  CS-Garden Offices means 


Double Glazed Units

Our A++ rated double glazed Upvc doors & windows are manufactured in house by us! Meaning you can have any design you require. As standard we use Double Glazed glass but triple glazed is available on request! All panes are supplied with extra clear glass!

We believe that safety is paramount that’s why we fit all of our Doors with 6 point locking systems. 


Lightening Fast Installation 

A typical garden room installation is completed within a single day! Our modular panel system means that we can prepare everything in the factory beforehand.

Meaning less hassle on site for the customer and they can enjoy there new room within only hours of our installation team arriving on site.



If in the future you wish to move but cant bear the thought of being without your garden room then worry no more! 

We offer a service in which we dismantle your room, bring it back to our factory to be cleaned and we even hold on to it for you until you’ve settled into your new home. When your ready for your room we then reinstall and your building looks as good as when first purchased!



Weather you are just not sure on size or it comes down to funding our modular panel system means that if in the future you wish to make your building bigger/smaller then it is as simple as just adding on another panel.  



No Access Restrictions​

Because CS-GardenOffices buildings are made from preformed panels which arrive ‘flat-pack’ site access is no problem even in the most restricted locations.​


No Boundary Limitations ​

Make the most of your confined spaces! The modular panel system allows for installation virtually hard up to you boundary and obstructions.​

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